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Michigan Tax Attorney

Charles J. Ladd

Attorney Charles J. Ladd was a Certified Public Accountant before he became a lawyer. He has extensive experience with federal, state and local tax matters in Ann Arbor and Southeastern Michigan. Attorney Ladd has the experience necessary to handle your personal and business tax problems. Attorney Ladd accepts referrals from attorneys whose specialties do not include tax compliance (tax returns), tax litigation, trust administration or probate. If you need a fresh and diligent approach to your important tax concerns, contact Attorney Charles J. Ladd today at (734) 995-2424.

Tax Compliance

Attorney Charles J. Ladd has the training and experience to handle every tax reporting problem. Having both the depth of knowledge of an attorney, and the attention to detail of a Certified Public Accountant, Attorney Ladd can handle the most complex tax matters. Mr. Ladd has over 30 years of experience in preparing individual, business, trust, estate and tax exempt organization reports, both federal and state. Attorney Ladd can prepare federal tax returns of any complexity, as well as state income tax returns, partial year state income tax returns (if you have moved), and multi-state income tax returns for people with income taxed in multiple jurisdictions. Call Attorney Charles J. Ladd at (734) 995-2424.

Tax Planning

Attorney Charles J. Ladd can help you plan your business and personal affairs to minimize your income taxes, both federal and state. He can project the income tax consequences of past events or proposed transactions on both your federal and state income tax returns. Do you wish to review your personal tax situation with an experienced tax practitioner? Do you wish to discuss your year-end options with an experienced tax practitioner? Call Attorney Charles J. Ladd at (734) 995-2424

Estate Planning

Attorney Charles J. Ladd has the unique training and experience necessary to plan for complicated estate distribution and administration. Whether your goals involve the devolution of property, succession planning for a business, estate tax planning or providing for a dependent with special needs, Attorney Ladd understands both the personal dynamics and the legal means to accomplish your goals. Attorney Charles J. Ladd has the experience of drafting estate tax documents for complex and unique family situations. Attorney Ladd will help you determine whether you need a Will, a Living Trust, a Durable Power of Attorney, or a Patient Advocate Designation/Medical Directive, and can prepare the appropriate documents for you. Attorney Ladd will be happy to work with your current attorney, accountant, or financial planner to add the legal dimension to your estate plan. Call for a consultation today at (734) 995-2424.

Non-Profit/Tax-Exempt Organizations

Forming a Non-Profit or Tax-Exempt Organization has become quite complex without the assistance of a qualified attorney. Charles J. Ladd has the experience necessary to guide you through this process and also help with any tax issues that may appear before, during, or after the formation. Are you involved with a non-profit organization that needs to file reports with Internal Revenue service? Do you wish to solicit contributions that are deductible for federal income tax? Call Attorney Charles J. Ladd at (734) 995-2424.